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5 Ways a New HVAC System Saves You Money

Heating and cooling dominate the list of necessary expenses for most homeowners, reflecting approximately 48 percent of the total energy use in the average home. By upgrading to a new heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system, homeowners can not only conserve energy, but also significantly curb costs.

1. Boost Energy Efficiency

The quality and efficiency of HVAC systems have evolved over time. Today’s units are designed and manufactured with superior materials, and the energy requirements have become stricter.

One the most important ratings for HVAC systems is the seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER). Most legacy systems were built to a minimum SEER 10 rating. The higher the SEER number, the higher the efficiency, so these stricter standards typically translate to lower utility bills month over month for homeowners. Above and beyond SEER, modern systems with Variable Speed “Inverter” technology further enhance energy savings throughout the year by only consuming the energy needed to comfortable maintain your desired home comfort conditions.

2. Improve Air Flow for Better Efficiency

Replacing an HVAC system presents the opportunity to review the duct layout throughout the home and refine air tightness to prevent leaks. More efficient ductwork means not only less money wasted, but also improved comfort and performance from your HVAC system.

3. Energy Savings from Smart Controls

On vacation and forgot to turn off the AC? No problem. New HVAC systems are equipped with smart technologies consumers expect. These systems provide controls that allow you to manage temperature from your smartphone, tablet, or computer — even when you’re outside the house. Leave your home and forgot to adjust your AC settings? No problem – manage everything from your smart phone.

4. Savings from Hybrid or Ductless Technology

Hybrid Zoned or Ductless technology — the type of HVAC systems that does not rely on single duct networks in ceilings and walls — enables homeowners to control the heating and cooling in various rooms independently of one another, so no energy is wasted in unoccupied spaces. All of the indoor units (up to 10 with some systems) communicate with a single outdoor unit, providing greater flexibility, energy efficiency, and cost savings. In most instances, those systems also are quieter than traditional central air ducted systems.

5. Rebates and Promotions

New or replacement HVAC systems that have certain energy-efficient features could entitle the homeowner to national or local rebates, which can add up to big savings. See our HVAC Promotions page for more details.

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