Why Is My Central Air Not Working?

Hot Atlanta temperatures are arriving! And when your air conditioner kicks on for the first time since last summer, it may not blow the coldest of air. And so a common question we get at Clout is “Why is my central air not working?”

The answer to that question requires some investigation and analysis. Rest assured, Clout Air technicians are experienced. We solve many problems with HVAC units. Normally it’s a small fix that we can solve right away! And these are some of the most common problems with HVAC systems that we see every day.

Common Central Air and HVAC Problems May Include The Following

1) A Dirty Condensation Line If the condensation line is dirty or full of mold it can back up or even freeze over. One common way to solve that is to add a bleach solution to the line to clear it bi-annually.

2) A Broken Condensation Pump The condensation pump is the unit that pulls the water from the air and deposits it outside. If this breaks, then the air conditioning unit automatically shuts down. This is a simple repair in most cases, installing a new pump.

3) A Dirty Filter If air can’t be pulled in to be cooled the unit can overheat or shutdown. Being a part of our Comfort Club insures that a HVAC technician comes by and changes out your filter on time.

4) Dirty Exterior Coils If the air around the unit outside is clogged with leaves and debris the HVAC unit will freeze over.

5) A Dead Thermostat Battery Sometimes it’s as simple as 2 AA batteries. That’s the kind of problem you do want.

If you would like to get your HVAC unit serviced, contact us today. Our service technicians are experts at solving HVAC problems. We only recommend what you need.

Your Comfort is our #1 Priority

At Clout, we ensure that your family stays comfortable in your home year-round. Contact us today for your HVAC inspection and tune-up. You’ll never have to ask “Why is my central air not working.” Or get a quote on a brand new AC system from Lennox. Connect with us over text and avoid these common problems with HVAC systems. Otherwise, we are just a call away and will always answer live.

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