Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is an investment. An investment in money, time and comfort. It’s important to protect your investment. Here are some tips for keeping your system in excellent working order so you won’t have to purchase or repair another system too soon. Systems typically last 10-12 years, so it’s worth squeezing all you can out of them.

4 Things You Can Do

1) Tune Ups Twice a Year

While HVAC systems are typically hardy, tune-ups and inspections twice a year can ward off small problems before they cause big damage. Clout Home Services has a 23 point check up that our technicians perform at each visit. We do more than just drive up and change a filter!

2) Change the Filter

It almost seems silly to remind our clients, but we have seen some doozies, that were way past their prime! A dirty filter blocks airflow which puts a strain on the motor to pull the air through. Plus a dirty filter is not good for overall indoor air quality. If you have asthma prone children or long haired animals, a high quality HEPA filter cannot be understated.

3) Get a Smart Thermostat

At Clout Home Systems we love installing smart home technology for our clients. Not only does it promote efficiency, but it also lowers your bills! Once you get a taste for a smart home, you won’t look back. As a bonus, it’s great for the environment.

4) Upgrade Your Insulation

Your home unit is already working, why not extend it’s potential with a maximum level of insulation? If there are air leaks in the duct work, you are losing conditioned air that you already produced and paid for. Work smarter, not harder we say. Sometimes poorly run ductwork can make a huge difference in temperature and performance for a portion of the house.

Keep Your HVAC in Great Shape

Clout Home Services strives to properly service, maintain and extend the life of your HVAC system. If you are looking for service or for a new system, choosing a high-quality installer can save you hundreds if not thousands in the long term. We can even help you evaluate the best course of action that best serves your family’s needs.

Schedule Service Twice a Year

HVAC systems aren’t particularly high maintenance, but that doesn’t mean routine maintenance isn’t important. Your air conditioner and furnace should both be inspected, cleaned and tuned every year. It’s best to schedule your air conditioner service in spring and your furnace service in late summer or early fall — that way, your system will be optimized for efficiency the first day you need it, and if a serious problem is discovered, you can deal with it before it comes time to switch systems.

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