Time to Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

Winter weather means more time spent indoors. Don’t let your carbon monoxide detector go out of service. Maintain all your detectors monthly and you’ll never have to wonder if your family and home are protected. During cold weather, heaters, stoves, fireplaces and appliances are used more often – leading to a much higher chance of CO poisoning. It’s imperative to check your carbon monoxide detector regularly.

Keep Your Home and Family Safe

The National Fire Protection Association recommends testing hardwired carbon monoxide alarms once a month. Battery-powered detectors that don’t plug in should to be tested weekly. If you’re wondering how to test for carbon monoxide, it’s fairly simple. Press the button to make sure your detector is working.

If your detector is hardwired, make sure to change the backup battery at least once a year. If it’s battery-powered, you’ll want to swap it once a month to avoid the irritating chirp in the middle of the night.

How long carbon monoxide detectors work depends on the brand you use. In general, it’s around 5–10 years, but make sure to read the instructions from your device’s manufacturer. If you’re getting a chirp or your carbon monoxide detector is beeping intermittently, it generally means it has a low battery. Or, maybe it’s reaching the end of its life. Check to make sure!

Call Clout to Inspect Your Furnace for Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Worried about the condition of your old furnace? Clout Home Services will conduct a fast, and friendly home inspection in as little as one hour. We’ll inspect your furnace and ensure that deadly carbon monoxide is not leaking into your home. We’ll check your carbon monoxide detector, too, and give you an estimated cost to repair any issues that might be discovered. Call now to schedule or request an online estimate.

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